Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas Shopping

My mom and sister are coming to our house for Thanksgiving this year. My husband and I usually go to New York to see my extended family. I will truly miss seeing them next year. But I am looking forward to seeing my mom and sister. It has been several months since I've seen them last.

My family has a tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts at Thanksgiving. This started years ago when my husband and I realized we would be working for Christmas but off for Thanksgiving. This will be our fourth year in a row working Christmas and we don't mind at all. Christmas at the retirement community can be a lonely thing for people without family. So we try our hardest to make it a happy one for those folks.

I have been busy shopping for gifts this last week. Shopping for my mom and sister is fun. Shopping for my 85 year old father-in-law...not so much. But, I have almost finished shopping! Since we are home only every other week due to our work schedule, we only have one more "off" week before they visit. This means that next time we are off we will be decorating for Christmas and wrapping gifts.

Have you started shopping? Or are you a last minute shopper?

And remember, these would make a great gift! I will be picking a winner on October 31.

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  1. I'm usually so organised and wrapped by now!! Not this year however :(
    I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in Australia!!


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