Thursday, October 20, 2011


There will be other photos but this was a quick shot my husband took last night. Our costume party at the retirement community was a blast. We had about 35 kids attend (grand & great grandchildren), a magician and awesome snacks. I am proud to say I didn't have a single snack!

Here are my home made wings, made from two wire hangers and green tights.

Along with my home made wings, I made my head wreath, bracelet & wand.


  1. great costume and photo! Did you make the wings from a set of directions or just "wing it'? sorry about the awful pun..

  2. Thanks! I looked at a lot of wings online and then just kind of made it up. There are a lot of great "how to" videos on youtube showing how to make wings out of hangers and tights. By the way, I loved the pun :)


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