Friday, August 5, 2011

Stuck in Pittsburgh


The hubby & I were driving from our home to our work apartment just outside of Pittsburgh yesterday. We do this every other Thursday since we have to start work on Fridays.

Well, our minivan was in the shop being painted. (No, we are not switching colors or wasting money on a paint color - our van is rusting and it only has 80,000 miles on it) Luckily we have a second vehicle with a tow hitch since we are transferring jobs this Friday and need to tow our trailer behind it.

We were driving through Pittsburgh and all of a sudden I look back and see SMOKE billowing out of the back. Yes, it was billowing. Thankfully we were close to an exit and I pulled it off the exit and into someone's driveway.

My husband got out and saw that the transmission fluid was running out of the Explorer. Not a good sign. So we are now stuck in some random person's driveway in the middle of Pittsburgh . . . at rush hour. And we were headed back to our apartment a bit early to pack for the big move.

Thankfully we have what my husband calls "connections". He called a few people and we were able to find someone who would come the hour into Pittsburgh with a tow truck and tow the Explorer an hour back home to our mechanic there.

The tow truck driver was also willing to tow his dad's mini van to us so we could continue onto work without a problem.

Can I state how awesome God is to work all these things out? We wound up meeting the people who lived in the house of the driveway we barely made it to. They were very nice and even offered to let us sit inside their air conditioned apartment. We wound up parking at a house only .2 miles from Panera Bread, one of our favorite places to eat.

So we walked the short distance to Panera, ate and then walked back to our van. We unloaded the Explorer and the tow truck showed up with my husband's father's van. I loaded up his van and off we drove. Our Explorer is now sitting at our mechanics.

Unfortunately his father's van doesn't have a tow hitch which meant we couldn't load all of our furniture onto our trailer which was waiting for us at work.

Well...the news gets even more amazing. We found out today that our building is switching vans with the building we are transferring to on Monday. This means we can load up our HUGE van with items and drive it over to our new place - no need to rent a U-Haul or make four hundred trips with the minivan.

Did I lose you with all my ramblings? Probably. But know this, there is a God and He does care.

One last silly, silly thing before I log off for the night.

Today at work I posted on Craigslist that we were having a garage sale. After I posted it, I searched for it and it came up. Directly underneath was a woman looking for white paint since she wanted to do her older daughter's room red and white.

Well, I don't have white paint but I wrote her and said we had a left over gallon of Behr satin paint in red that I would sell her for $5. Turns out she lives a block away. She comes and gets the paint and is thrilled.

When she got home her daughter was home and showed her mom the paint swatch she picked out at Home Depot earlier today. It is the EXACT color her mom picked up from us today. Isn't that random and odd and awesome?

Tomorrow is yard sale day at the building. I'm going to get some sleep so I can shop and have fun tomorrow. Before I go, here is a photo taken today of the husband & me at work.


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