Monday, August 29, 2011

99 cent listings on ebay...Results

Things have been busy around here. My husband & I started our job at the new building. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. We have also re-done most of our home over the last few months and now have everything back in place and touched up. Photos will be posted within the next two or three days. We have guests coming to our home from Arizona this Friday and the place will be spotless. I will spend the next three days cleaning, cleaning & cleaning!

About a week ago I had listed a lot of my summer items on ebay for 99 cents. I was trying to clear out my summer inventory since we leave for vacation in less than two weeks and won't be back until October.

Here are the results:

-a FLAX top purchased for 2 sold for $1.75. I lost money on this. If I was more patient and had extra storage, I would have saved this for next time.

-a CYNTHIA STEFFE blazer which I purchased for $3.99 sold for $9.99. This one wasn't bad and I made a bit of money on it.

-a golf shirt that I got from my father-in-law sold for 99 cents. This is the problem with these listings, you never know if they will sell for the opening bid or higher. I got this for free so I broke even after fees. Maybe I made a few cents but nothing much.

-FREE PEOPLE skirt that I didn't realize had a rip in the lining until after I was home and the thrift tags were off (my thrift will do exchanges if the tags are still on). I purchased this for $2.99, sold for $4.25. Not too bad, not great though.

-a JAMS WORLD top which I picked up for for $2.99. This sold for $10.01.

-JAMS WORLD pants which sold for $12.50. I paid $2.50.

-a really cool tie dye dress which I thought was SOOOO cool sold for just 99 cents. I paid full price for this - $4.99 so I lost money on this. Goes to show you that just because I like something doesn't mean it won't sell.

-a SEIKO touch screen map clock. I picked this up for 25 cents at a yard sale and it sold for $28! This was my one really good sale.

-Two of my Wii games, one went for $5.01 and the other went for just over $3. These were left over from last week's sale. I was going to keep them but I just purchased another Wii lot so I didn't need more games around the house.

A few things didn't even sell for 99 cents and they will be re-donated to the local thrift store.

Overall I did so-so. It was worth it since I already had the listings together and it was easy to just hit "re-list".

I currently have a bunch of Wii stuff on that I purchased as a lot on ebay for $130. I needed a third Wii for a third TV in our home so we could have Netflix on all three TVs. The lot I purchased on ebay included a brand new Wii with all the cords, sensors and wires. It also included two Nunchucks, two remotes and 7 games. I have the games listed right now. I am hoping to make $60 from the games and nunchucks and one remote (I kept one). Two have bids so far for a total of $13.50. They have over 3 days left and they are more popular games so I am not too worried.

Before putting them on ebay, the hubby & I played one of them. It was called "Just Dance 2". I am officially the WORST person who ever played this game. It was a lot of fun (for me...not too sure the hubby enjoyed it) and I actually ache a bit today from all the "new moves". Ha!

I am winding down now since I don't want anything to sell while away since I wouldn't be able to ship for 5 weeks. Once I come back it will be October and I will start selling autumn/winter and Halloween costumes. I have six bins of items that will need listed and I will be rested & excited to go again.


  1. Sounds like it worked out anyway. You always make me want to start selling. Then night comes, I want to list and I just fizzle out.

    You are always inspiring.

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