Saturday, August 13, 2011

Moving Day


Yesterday was MOVING DAY for us. We moved our work apartment from one building to another that was about 20 minutes away. Since it was only a one bedroom apartment, it didn't take as long as most moves. My husband was good enough to take over a huge van load of stuff earlier in the week so we had the main items at the new place.

Below are a few photos I snapped. On top of my father-in-law's minivan (ours was still in the shop over an hour away) are two double mattresses and my husband's weight bench which is now set up in our new living room. It doesn't look as bad as you would think. Still not great, but he works out every day and needs somewhere to put it. Better the living room than the bedroom.

We were exhausted last night from the long day. Especially since it came after a week of working and saying our goodbyes to staff and residents.

After a good night's sleep, I am ready to tackle more projects back at our home. We are home for the next week and have carpet coming on Wednesday. Our older tan colored outlets all need changed to white (something the hubby is going to teach me) and I'd like to get out for a walk if the weather holds. (It looks like rain today).

I listed a bunch of Wii games on ebay this morning and I hope they do well. I paid $120 for a huge lot of Wii stuff since I needed a second system for Netflix and had planned to sell the 15 games included. We'll see how they do.

Tomorrow I will post what one resident gave us as a going away present. It is one of the most ironic presents I have ever received.


Inside of the minivan:


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