Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Goodwill Finds for Ebay

Yesterday was truly a wonderful shopping day for me. I started off the morning driving the 45 minutes to Goodwill. Since we live in a rural part of PA, almost everything is a drive.

I was the first one in the parking lot and the first one in the door. Do I win a prize? Ha! I almost always go on a Monday which I would think is not a great day to shop since the stores are usually hit pretty hard over the weekend. But, I cannot go any other day. I think Thursday or Friday would be a better day to go if you can swing it.

Here is a list of what I found at that Goodwill:

-A few things for me! I found 6 pairs of Gap pants in my size, all like new. I wound up purchasing just 3 of them since I truly don't need more pants but the deal was too good to pass up. It was like someone cleared out the wardrobe and donated it. Thankfully we wore the same size. I got a pair of tan, a gray pair and a brown plaid pair. Total: $15 ($4.99 each). I also got Nick & Nora PJ pants ($1.99) and gray shorts ($1.50 on 1/2 off green tag day).

-Sheets for our double guest bed at home. Most people won't buy sheets at Goodwill and I completely understand why. But, our thrifts are very clean and I needed sheets. They are in great shape (no pills - yuck!) and are fairly pretty. A purple print. Our current sheets are about 9 years old and needed thrown out.

-Alberto Makali is a great brand to sell on ebay and I picked up a brand new pashmina. There are NO others on ebay. It is stunning - perfect for autumn. This would retail for $150-200. I am thinking I can get about $65 for this and I paid $1.99.

-Worth 100% cashmere zip up sweater in a lovely soft blue with a little pattern. Cashmere usually does pretty well. If you pick it up second hand, make sure there are no holes. Worth is a brand that is sold by sales associates, usually out of someone's home. Worth pieces retail for quite a bit of money. I have sold blazers that have the tag stating they retail for $598 and suits that retail for more than that. I can probably get about $50 from this sweater and I paid $4.99.

-Oleg Cassini red dress. This dress has a ton of beading and would be great for Valentine's Day. Since V-day is months away, I plan to market it for New Year's Eve. It is a sexy little dress that shows a lot of skin. I am thinking this would sell for about $35-$40. I paid $4.99.

-Bebe teal dress with a lot of ruffles. This dress would have been great to list in the summer but I am going to try and list it now. Bebe wearers are usually teens and young adults. You have to be careful when buying Bebe since (believe it or not) it is faked. The most faked items are rhinestone t-shirts/tops with "bebe" written across the top. I am guessing I can get about $25-$30 for the dress. I paid $2.50 (1/2 off).

-R&M Richards two-piece dress & matching jacket set. This name doesn't do super well on ebay. It is usually sold at Ross's and other lower end department stores. BUT, this particular dress really caught my eye. It is a deep blue and the dress has ruffles from the empire waist to the hem which is very flattering on most people. It would be perfect for the holiday season and New Year's Eve and I will market it that way. I plan to get $40 for the set and I paid $4.99.

-Rinascimento dress that was in the children's wear. I paid $1.99 for it. I had never heard the name before but the tag is marked "made in Italy" which is usually a good sign. I could have used my phone to look it up on ebay.com but since it was only $1.99 and it is adorable. It is actually a woman's dress, strapless with a bubble hem (I love bubble hems!). I am going to price it for $40 and it should sell for that.

-St. John Couture pants. This is NOT St. John's Bay that is sold at JC Penny, this is St. John which is a designer name that is in line with Chanel and Prada. These items do well one ebay and I'm always looking for these labels. St. John has a few labels: St. John Sport, St. John Marie Gray, St. John, St. John Couture and perhaps a few more I am forgetting. St. John is known for their "Santana" yarn which people on ebay usually call Santana knit. My piece are gold satin pants. These are going to be hard for me to sell since I love them and they fit me. BUT, I know I will never, ever wear them. There are currently a pair on ebay exactly like mine. The other pair is new with tags (mine are not) and the tag says they retail for $595. I plan to price mine aggressively for the holiday season. I should get $50-$75. I paid $4.99.

After shopping at Goodwill, I went to Target to return some drapes and I purchased a duvet cover that cost $18. I then left Target and went to TJ Maxx. I got a little something for someone's b-day (she reads the blog and I'm not going to spoil the present) and Meri Meri cards on clearance. 6 in the pack for $1! This is a fantastic deal since each card retails for $5.50. Meri Meri is my favorite card brand and I stock up on them when I find them at TJ Maxx.

Then I went to Home Depot where I found the light for our 1/2 bathroom on clearance for $19 (see my last post).

On the way home, I stopped at a second Goodwill. This Goodwill is smaller and I usually don't find as much. It is just 15 minutes from my house.

Here is what I found:

-Viva Collection dress that was hand painted with pumpkins in a quite pretty design. I had never heard of Viva Collection but this dress has been at the thrift for the last month or two. Yesterday it was 1/2 off which made it $2.50. It is black, long sleeve, longer length with pumpkins. Great for Halloween and the Halloween season. It should sell for about $25 (I'm hoping for more but I would take $25 for it).

-Anne Klein suit for a woman in autumn colors. Again, not something I usually pick up but it was also 1/2 priced. Suits & two-piece outfits sell for $6.99 so I paid $3.50 for it. It is a skirt suit done in a pretty tweed. This suit would have retailed for about $300 and I plan to sell it for $50-$60.

-Allen B. Schwartz suit which was also 1/2 off. Dark gray with pin stripes. The top is a bigger size than the pants which may be a hard sale. Most woman I know wear a bigger size on bottom if they do wear two different sizes. But the measurements are close on both. I picked it up because it is in like new condition and great for the winter season. I think I will get $35-$40 for it.

-Mephisto woman's shoes. Mephisto is a great shoe brand, one of the most comfortable shoes on the planet. These shoes are a metallic gold loafer but they are a TINY size - a woman's size 5. They are adorable however and should bring about $20-$25 since they are new. I paid $2.99 for them.

I didn't do too badly for a few hours of shopping. I paid for all my purchased and then some. Even if a few things don't sell for what I am asking and I have to discount them, I should still do very well with the pieces I picked up.

Six of my Wii games have bids on them. I purchased the Wii and all the games for $120 a few weeks ago. I am hoping to recoup at least 70 dollars of my purchase. So far I have recouped $30 (if the games sold right now) and there are 3 days left so they should bring even more.

Hope everyone has a great day! I plan on doing little things around the house. I had to keep myself from going out today (to different thrifts) since I need to put in the door knobs and touch up paint in the 1/2 bath that we had scratched yesterday.

New carpet day is tomorrow!

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