Saturday, August 20, 2011

Almost there...Wii games on ebay

Well, most of my Wii games I am selling on ebay are almost ended. They have from 1-2 hours left for the most part.

So far my total is $109! I paid $120 for the entire lot of Wii stuff and that included the console & all the wires and sensor bar. I am keeping the console and was selling off the games and some of the accessories. This means after ebay & paypal fees that I paid about $20 for the Wii console if the games don't go higher.

Of course they may go higher and I may wind up getting the Wii console for free.

I love when this happens! I am a big watcher of QVC while we are at our apartment. It is the perfect program to "watch" when I am putting on my make-up since I do this around 6:30am and nothing else is on and you don't actually have to watch it.

A week or so ago I was watching and they had on a Today's Special Value of Stri-Vectin face and neck cream. Although I am only 31 and really don't have any wrinkles to speak of (yet), I am a huge believer in applying face cream atleast once or twice a day.

So I purchased the face and neck cream for about $130. I kept the face cream and am selling the neck cream since I knew wouldn't use the cream for my neck. Currently the neck cream is up to $75 on ebay. If it sells for this amount (it has 15 hours left), it means the face cream cost me just $55. I realize this is a lot to pay for face cream but it should last a few months and I wanted to see if it made any different in the tone of my skin.

With working so many hours, my skin becomes tired looking and less bright. I was using a cream that was purchased for about $7 at TJ Maxx and wanted to see if the expensive cream did anything differently. I have only been using it for a few days and have noticed that the skin around my eyes seems a bit tighter. This may be my imagination though.

Our first day at our new building yesterday went well. It is always a bit exhausting trying to learn something different. The staff & residents seem very helpful and friendly and I am sure that once we settle into the job it will be great. Everyone seems very laid back which is something our last building was lacking.

I'll post again later with the results of the Wii games. Do you have something to sell on ebay? Sign up for a user account and you list up to 50 items for FREE on ebay. Usually there is a listing fee of between .25-$2.00 for most regular items (not cars or high priced items). But anyone without a store on ebay can list 50 items a month for free. It is worth a shot - you never know what will sell.

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