Monday, August 1, 2011



I have always hated brushing my teeth. My mom can attest to this by telling you that when I was younger she had to sit on me to brush my teeth. To this day I still cannot watch someone on TV or in real life brush their teeth. It is one of my many issues and gives me chills when I see it.

I have great health insurance and this means they will cover 100% of getting my teeth cleaned twice a year. So today was dentist day.

I start way in advance to prepare. I call the dentist and make sure my prescription is called into the local pharmacy. I take something called Triazolam which makes me a bit loopy and helps calm me down. Depending on how bad I am feeling before the appointment I can take 1 or 2 pills. Today was a 2 pill day. My stomach this morning before the appointment was sick. I tell myself they are only cleaning my teeth - something I do regularly. But the noise is different at the dentist.

It is the scraping of the metal pick against my teeth. Ugh. That sound is enough to turn my stomach.

So the pills help me not freak out. I took two an hour before my appointment and I felt pretty darn good when I got there. I remember being calmer and not moving around too much. The dental assistant said my teeth are very healthy. I truly floss 2x a day and brush regularly so this is good. I just cannot look at myself in the mirror when I brush since it would creep me out.

My hubby is so good to go with me because after the appointment I am done for the day. The pills kick in and I sleep for hours on end. It is a peaceful deep sleep. Today I got back from the dentist around 1pm and I was asleep until 7:30pm. Even now at 9pm I am still feeling tired and think I will go back to bed shortly.

I found out some not good news about my lovely dentist today. We may not be able to use him at the end of the year since my health care is switching to a new dental plan. This makes me very nervous. This dentist already knows my issues and doesn't think twice to call me in my prescription. Another dentist may have to first see how I freak out before doing this because they wouldn't believe me.

We will see how this all works out. It may be a moot point if I have to go to jail since I murdered the rooster that is still crowing at 9:30 at night. I wonder how jail dentists are?

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