Sunday, August 21, 2011

The results are in...Wii Games on eBay

From previous posts, you may know that I purchased a lot of Wii stuff on ebay for $120. I had only needed the console & wires/sensors and wanted to sell the rest of the stuff. I listed everyone on ebay. I had 11 games to sell (I kept two from the original lot I purchased), two controllers, one nunchuck and a accessories.

9 of the games, both controllers, the nunchuck and the accessories all sold. They sold for a combined total of $129! This means that when I deduct the 10% that ebay takes from selling on auctions, I netted around $115. Since I paid $120 for the Wii lot that I purchased on ebay, I paid just $5 for my console and 5 games (the two I originally kept and 3 that didn't sell on ebay). Amazing!

I will now be able to watch Netflix on two TVs. I am thinking about trying this again for a third TV we have. Since we are fairly rural, we cannot get cable and satellite in our area is terrible (we have tried it before). Our upgraded antennae only picks up two channels: NBC and a retro channel that my husband adores and I never watch.

I was hoping for the Wii games to sell for $70 and I got $129. This doesn't always happen but two games went fairly high.

One was Mario Party 8 which I didn't have the instructions nor case for and yet it sold for $23.73.

And the other was Sniper Elite which sold for $19.38. Here is the photo I used on ebay.

Day two of the job was great. Things slow down over the weekend and we were able to explore the computer files & see where things were.

Our job is managers at a retirement community. Last night we had an emergency call. We sleep in a one bedroom apartment on-site and although we lock everything up at 9:00 and are usually in our apartments by 9:15-9:30, we are on call all night. The emergency call came at 3:47am. Ugh. Thankfully the resident was okay and just needed help with her husband's oxygen tank. But it was tough to fall back asleep and so we are dragging a bit this morning.

There will be lots of yawning & stretching today!


  1. Awesome job on the wii thing- I really have to think about buying on ebay more often. And you know what, I am terrible about dishing out the money in the first place and then replenishing it when I sell the other items- in this case the extra games you didn't need.
    I love all the ebay info- it is so helpful.

  2. Thanks! One of the first places I look is ebay. Usually they have the same item cheaper overall. I even buy coupons on ebay for the products I buy regularly. It really saves money.

    I just purchased another Wii lot since we wanted a third console for one more TV at home. We'll see if I do as well. :)


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