Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Update: Spinal Stimulus Trial Update

This morning I had a spinal stimulus trial procedure. There are wires taped to my back and I have a hand held remote to turn the vibrating up/down. 

With my lovely gown and hair bonnet

My booties!

This is the remote for the device I wear for the next week. It is connected to a wire that is attached to my spine.

After surgery.

The surgery went great. The wires go into my back and basically send a buzzing feeling to the nerve in my leg. It blocks the RSD pain and seems to be working. 
The nurse who did my IV was excellent. This hospital numbs the area first and I didn't even feel the pinch.

However, my back is pretty bad after the surgery. It hurts to breathe and so far I cannot lay down without major pain. One nurse said this wasn't normal and the other said it is completely normal. I do have incisions in my back and so I'm guessing it will hurt for awhile. I am taking pain medicine. 

I am wearing this compression garment which holds all my wires in place so I don't accidentally pull them out.

Please pray that the back pain calms down so I can take full advantage of the 5 to 7 day trial. The buzzing in my leg feels wonderful and I love the sensation. 

I did walk around today more than I have in weeks which makes me happy.

After the surgery, I was in recovery for about 2 hours. After fully recovering (well...except for the back pain), I was released. We drove home, grabbed something to eat and drove straight to the other hospital on the other side of town. 

My father-in-law is at that hospital with congestive heart failure. Yesterday was really bad for him and we weren't sure he would make it. He was on the highest level of liquid oxygen. He was moved last night to a private room closer to the nurses' station. He is being given something to keep him calm and help him sleep. 

My father-in-law who served in World War II.
We visited today after my surgery and he was doing better. He is far from good but his breathing has gotten slightly better. 

Thank you for the prayers! I will update this blog throughout the trial. 


  1. I hope this helps you! I feel so bad that you are in so much pain! Prayers sent your way!

  2. I used to work for Boston Scientific who also makes a spinal stimulator. We used to also get patients that had Medtronic Stimulator as well. Anyway, the patients had so much relief so I am confident that you will too. Actually, my co-worker had it implanted as well and he said it was the best decision he ever made. I hope it works for you too.

  3. So glad the surgery went well and the seems to have been reduced. And you even had the energy to go visit your father-in-law! Bless your heart!

  4. Meant to say: . . . and the pain seems to have been reduced.


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