Wednesday, June 18, 2014


My father-in-law, Dean, is 88 and has health issues. He was in the hospital last month and then we moved him into assisted living. 

Dean in 2013

After just 3 weeks in assisted living Dean needed to go back to the hospital. The doctors weren't sure he would make it. My husband wasn't sure he would make it. But, he made it. 

He was then moved to skilled nursing. 

We weren't sure what to do. Insurance only pays for the first 9 days of skilled nursing and then the price sky rockets if there is no improvement. Today was day 8. 

My husband and I have been discussing moving his father in with us until a bed would open up at the VA home almost an hour away. The VA would be expensive but less than skilled nursing. 

Let us just say that this would require doing almost everything for his dad. Everything. Think of taking care of a baby and then apply that to taking care of his father. 

Today we met with our lawyers just to discuss the situation and see if they had any ideas. Our lawyer literally was holding his head in his hands when we told him everything. That is not the best sign. 

And then...

We got a miracle. We got a call from the skilled nursing unit saying that they were sending Dean back to his little assisted living apartment with hospice. We have been keeping his apartment (and paying for it) just in case he could move back but no one thought he could. They would only take him if his oxygen was at a level 5 or lower. And Dean's oxygen is at 12.

This is truly the best case scenario. Hospice will be there every morning and evening. He can move back tomorrow. 

GOD is amazing! 

And now, just because...

before the cut


These have absolutely nothing to do with this post or my father-in-law. I cut 3 inches off my hair this weekend on a whim. I just took scissors and chopped it. I am loving my new "short" hair. It feels so much healthier and lighter.

Come back tomorrow when I post a product that I am telling everyone about - even the nurses in the recovery room at the hospital. Ha.


  1. I am so glad everything is working out with your FIL.
    Your hair looks fantastic ~ I love the curled look. Looks very healthy. Cannot wait to hear about the product!

  2. Praise God for the care being provided for your FIL. If he ever needs more care...since he is a veteran he qualifies for hospice care in a pallative unit at a VA facility or if no space is available I believe they contract out with local skilled nursing facilities with hospice units. Not everyone knows about all the benefits available. I had social workers at the VA tell me there were no options, but I found out about them ;) If you ever need any information about VA benefits I've done lots of research and we received excellent care for my FIL, I'd be happy to share.
    I need to cut a few inches off my hair too. I love how it feels lighter afterwards. You look great :)

  3. Thanks Holly. It is a true blessing to have such a great support system. And I just posted about the product. Fun!

  4. Thanks Theresa. It turns out that Hospice spoke with us for over an hour today. What a wonderful service that is! They will be taking care of him in his assisted living apartment until he passes. Thank you for all the information. We are really glad we got him VA Aid & Attendance last year. That has really helped.


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