Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Sunday

We have yellow finches that sing every morning at 5:13am. The first few days they woke me up I was pretty upset. I don't sleep well. But now I look at it as my wake-up call to pray. I love those silly little birds. 

This morning those birds allowed me to see a gorgeous sunrise from my bed. It was so beautiful I took my camera and sat on our front porch for awhile. 

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love to see what I can see in clouds - I actually see a flying blue bird atop the trees on the bottom right of the photograph! And of course the clouds look like a big feather. Ode to the birds! I never saw a yellow finch in my life until two years ago when I put out one of those seed filled "socks'. They really work - they LOVE the thistle seeds. It was such a thrill to see!

  2. Thanks Ree Cee. I love seeing the birds too. The clouds really do look like a feather! :)


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