Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quick Update & a Stupid Idea

Things are happily busy here. We moved my father-in-law into assisted living about two weeks ago. Since then we have been cleaning out the shop, the shop attic, the garage, the house, the attic, the basement and this weekend we did the "shanty". 

My knee is hurting worse than ever. I'm guessing I have entered stage 2 of RSD and have four doctor's appointments in the next 10 days. Plus one spinal stimulus trial next Tuesday which will be at the local hospital.
My job was sitting on the tractor directing my husband.

In addition to all the doctor's appointments, we have a real estate agent coming to appraise my father-in-law's house Tuesday. We are going to ask her what renovations (if any) we should do to improve the value of the house. I'm guessing we have to rip up the carpet in the kitchen (who puts carpet in a kitchen?!?) and paint the wood paneling inside the house. We have already had a few inquires if we are going to sell the house. 

The view outside the shanty includes this tree. How gorgeous and perfect is it?
My husband remembers sitting under it when he was little and saying that he would be in elementary school "next year".

A lot of people thought we would be moving into the house. Nope! Going from 3 bathrooms to 1 is not a pleasant thought. Plus we basically have no upkeep to the outside of our home which is pretty awesome since we are both allergic to all things that grow. 

I did a dumb thing this weekend. I have been putting olive oil into my hair every night. My skin and hair are very oily. I thought that maybe if I told my scalp that I already had plenty of oil, it would stop producing it. 

It was going fairly well. The oil made my hair soft. It didn't make it less oily but it wasn't making it more oily so I decided to stick with it. Then I ran out of oil. 

I had purchased a special ointment a few weeks ago but my husband wouldn't use it due to the smell. He has super dry hands. I don't blame him as it really smells like gasoline was mixed with burning rubber. I paid $6 for a small jar and didn't want to throw it out despite the scent. So it has been sitting in my bathroom. 

Guess who put it on her head? Yup, me. I thought that if oil was working that goop-y ointment would work better. 

After 5 shampoos, this is what my hair looked like. When it was dry.

It looked wet and greasy. Today I washed it three more times with shampoo and then with bar soap and it finally looks a bit better. 

My mom will remind you of the time I used Vaseline to stick posters to my bedroom walls. My sister will remind you of the time I dumped glitter in her hair (and then I may have hair sprayed it in place - Sorry sis!) right before the bus came. I have also been so excited to wear a new outfit that I slept in it (and then my mean Mom wouldn't let me wear it to school the next day). But, this goes on the list as being my most stupid idea when it comes to beauty. 

And not because anyone cares but because I want to document it...I got my second gray hair this week! My first was this summer and I plucked it out because it was sticking straight out of my head. I haven't been dying my hair all that much and I was excited to find this beauty today. It is staying put.

If you didn't notice, this is basically my around-the-house wardrobe. Two braids and my GAP sweatshirt which has bleach stains on the elbow. Thankfully you don't see my old sweats that are two sizes too big. So comfy!


  1. Use Dawn dish soap on your hair and it will get most of that gunk out. My daughter put diaper cream in her hair once and that was back when it smelled fishy, and Dawn got it out.
    Good luck with the clean up of your FIL house, it takes way longer than you can ever imagine to clean out old memories.

  2. Thanks Annabel52. I appreciate the advice of the Dawn dish soap! :)

  3. Thank for a good laugh! Sorry it is at your expense but I laughed all the way through.
    I was thinking the same thing about the Dawn. I always use it if I get oil (when cooking) on my clothes before I wash them.
    Please keep us posted on the spinal stimulus trial ~ I am hoping this will work for you!


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