Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales - 6/17/14

Despite my lack of listing, I am still selling. It has been a busy week so far. My father-in-law is in skilled nursing. We have a meeting with the doctor today. We may have to move him (yet again) since his insurance may run out this week. 

My knee continues to hurt and we have plans to go back to New Jersey for a second run of Calmare at the end of June.  

We showed my father-in-law's home last week and it sold to the very first people who viewed it. We are so grateful. I believe we are signing the sales agreement later this week. 

Here are some of my recent ebay sales: 

1. Vintage Laura Ashley black & pink floral dress, sold for $35. 

2. Vintage Laura Ashley aqua floral dress, sold for $29. 

3. A fun clock from the 1960's, sold for $35. 

4. Boston Proper velvet top, sold for $29. 

5. J. Jill gray jersey dress, sold for $31. 

6. Tripp purple men shorts, sold for $20.50 despite many flaws. 

7. J. Crew gold polka dot skirt, sold for $36. Michelle Obama wore a similar skirt but I wasn't allowed to say this in the ebay listing. 

8. Vintage Carol Anderson dress with a kangaroo print, sold for $35. 

9. Sarah Spencer plus sized sweater, sold for $20. 

10. Vintage Laura Ashley pink velvet dress with some flaws, sold for $58. 

Remember when I picked up about 50 boxes of Sally Hansen nail polish strips at the Dollar Tree? Well I sold about 20 boxes in the last week. Each sale was about $4-$5 plus shipping. I still have 25 of these for sale on ebay. They were so easy to photograph, list and ship.


  1. Why weren't you allowed to say Michelle Obama wore a similar skirt in your listing?

  2. Hi Alexandra - I should have explained. You cannot put any words or phrases that don't directly pertain to the item. Here is the exact ebay policy (which is long):

    Keyword spamming is when people use words or details (such as brands, item condition, model names, pop culture terms, product names, style, and type) that have nothing to do with their items so that their listings will show up in search results. Since this clutters eBay and makes buying and selling more difficult, we don't allow keyword spamming



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