Sunday, June 8, 2014

Impromptu Yard Sale

This weekend my hubby and I had an impromptu yard sale at my father-in-law's house. Yesterday we went up to start pricing some of the many, many items that were gathered in the garage. 

Since we were pricing the items anyway, my wonderful husband had the idea to put the priced items on tables and have a yard sale. He drove the mile down to our home to get poster board and a marker and I made a sign in under 5 minutes. At 2pm, we put the sign up. It was a late start to say the least. 

And guess what? We sold, sold, sold! It turns out that Saturday evening is a good time to have a yard sale. At one point of the day we had 9 people walking around. We made a bunch of sales. Plus we got one side of the garage priced and cleaned. Then my hubby put everything back in the garage while I laid in bed at home.

Late last night we had a phone call from the assisted living community where my father-in-law now lives. Being called after midnight is never a good thing. They had called an ambulance since my FIL had trouble breathing. He is back in the hospital. We visited him this morning instead of attending church.

He will be there for a few days. His congestive heart failure has worsened. 

After visiting we came home to rest for a bit. Then we went to his house to again price items. It was raining pretty hard and so we didn't put anything out like yesterday. We didn't hang the yard sale sign.

However, we again sold a bunch of stuff!

My favorite part of this weekend was sitting in my father-in-law's empty home and eating ice cream straight out of the containers. And then my stomach got sick. But it was totally worth it. I'm sure it is something I will remember for a long time. 

I'm not sure I will blog tomorrow (Monday) but please keep me in your prayers for Tuesday. I am going into the hospital for a spinal stimulus trial. I have been hurting more than usual and so I am hopeful the trial will help with the pain. Thanks! 


  1. Such a good idea to do a yard sale and give 'stuff' a second life.
    Good luck for Tuesday.

  2. Out of the blue, I've just started to have pain in my right knee - have been walking around like Frankenstein. Knee pain is no joke. I'll be thinking about you and your father-in-law. I hope the best for you both!

  3. Love a good yard sale! Praying for you and your father in law!


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