Friday, June 27, 2014

Cupcake Photos

Yesterday I baked for over 8 hours and got a lot accomplished. I baked all the cupcakes, most of the cookies and the cake.

This morning I decorated the cupcakes which was so fun! I will do another post with the cookies since there are so many. 

We had baked goods all over the house last night.

In the laundry room!

On the dining room table.

And here are the cupcakes! 

From L to R: Vanilla, S'mores and Chocolate Lovers.
Vanilla tie-dye cupcakes with sweet vanilla icing.
The graduation colors are medium blue & white.
These have blue sprinkles but they are hard to see in this photo. 2 dozen.
Another view of the tie dye cupcakes.

Chocolate Lovers Cupcakes: chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing, Lindt chocolate squares and dark chocolate drizzle. 2 dozen.
Another view of the chocolate lovers.

The house smelled amazing this morning! It has been over a year since I fried bacon. Yum!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon cupcakes: chocolate cake, peanut butter icing, bacon and chocolate drizzle. 2 dozen.

S'mores cupcakes. Chocolate cake with crumbles of graham cracker and marshmallows in the batter with marshmallow cream icing and drizzled with chocolate and a piece of graham cracker on top. 2 dozen.

White chocolate "G"s since the graduation boy's name is Garrett. I make little inverted triangles on the bottom so I can easily stick them in each cupcake.

Blue Velvet cupcakes: blue velvet cake mix with cream cheese icing and white chocolate "G" topping.
I was considering doing some with "2014" but since the graduation is outside, I went with the easier "G".

I have 11 dozen for the graduation party, 2 dozen for the nurses at the assisted living community and a few extras for my father-in-law. 

I have to ice and decorate the cake, bake and decorate 8 dozen sugar cookies and bake M&M cookies. I'm hoping to finish by tonight since I would love time to actually get ready for the graduation party tomorrow morning.


  1. You are A-MAZING!!! These are awesome! I will take a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon one ~ Please. Sounds delicious!

  2. Thanks Holly. That is my favorite too! And incredibly I have not eaten a single cupcake! I'm saving my calories for the party later today :)

  3. WOW, You are so talented !!! My hats off to you :) Your cookies and cupcakes look amazing ... I would love a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon one too….. Ever think of selling them online.. because if you do I would be your first customer

  4. Thanks but I wouldn't know how to ship them without smooching them. LOL. The chocolate peanut butter bacon was the most popular at the graduation party.


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