Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales & an Online Consignment UPDATE

First a few ebay sales from this past week:

1. Ann Taylor LOFT printed dress, sold for $16.50. 

2. New Talbots black and white skirt, sold for $28. 

3. Milly of New York silk dress, sold for $55. 

4. An awesome vintage 1980's tiger jacket, sold for $50. 

5. New Gap orange pants, sold for $29. 

6. Eurkea "Power Paw", sold for $5. This was my father-in-law's and I knew they brought about $5 on ebay. I probably couldn't have gotten 50 cents for it at the yard sale. Super easy to list and ship. 

7. Banana Republic cropped green pants, sold for $19. 

8. Laura Ashley printed floral dress, sold for $19. 

If you didn't read the "Online Consignment" post, feel free to do so HERE. Basically I sent two bags of clothing to two different companies earlier this month. 

And guess what? I got two checks which totaled $140.65!

ThredUp.com was sent 19 items and they chose to keep 14 of those items. They paid me $100.65 plus another possible $24 from a St. John top they took on consignment. You can see the list of items they kept HERE

LikeTwice.com was sent 17 items which were of a lower price point. They accepted 13 items and paid me $40. 

If you haven't considered selling to an online consignment shop, you may want to change your mind. I took pieces that weren't selling on ebay and sent them away for cash. It was so much easier to just bag them up and send them out than it was to wash, steam, photograph and list them on ebay.


  1. Wow! I never dreamed you would get that much! Fantastic! I hope you are doing better!

  2. Thanks CindyLou. I was pretty excited! :) We are headed to New Jersey for another Calmare treatment next week. Until then, the pain medicine is helping. Thanks!

  3. I'm really interested in the online consignment. I went back and read your previous post and in one of your pictures it appears that you bagged each item in a clear bag. Is that what I'm seeing? I'm not sure if my items were made in the last five years either. I see you had some rejected because they were dated. Do you know if there is any way to know how old an item is from its tags? Very interesting posts!

  4. Hi Nancy! Yes, they are in clear zip-lock type bags. The only reason is that these were listed on ebay and I store my ebay items in bins in the basement. I like to seal out any smells and keep the items folded so they don't wrinkle (as much) so I put each item in the plastic zip-lock bag. If I was just shipping the items to the companies, I wouldn't have done that. But since they were already on ebay and packed in the clear bags, I just sent them that way.

    I did have a Dana Buchman wool/cashmere suit and a few Ann Taylor LOFT pieces that weren't taken. I could have requested they send them back to me but the cost is about $5 for LikeTwice and $13 for ThredUp. It wasn't worth it for me.

    I don't think there is really a way to know if your item is from the last 5 years unless you remember buying it at the store. All of my items were from thrift shops and so I wouldn't know. But I think they are looking for current styles. An Ann Taylor LOFT denim skirt wasn't taken but denim skirts are more from the early 2000's than now I guess. I still like them but I don't really follow what is "trendy" for myself.

    I hope that helps. GAP, Banana Republic and J. Crew usually do have a date code on the interior label. It usually looks like 02/13 (Feb. 2013) or Summer 07 (Summer 2007). I don't know of any other companies that do that though.

    1. Thanks Melissa. That is a lot of help! I buy most of my clothes from thrifts too so I'm not sure how dated the items are but I'm figuring if it's something not selling anyway it can't hurt as a last resort to send them in vs donating them. And if they donate them if they don't want them then all the better. It's great how much you got. Thanks for the additional information!

  5. You are most welcome :) It was so much easier than selling on ebay and I was also surprised at how well I did. I ordered another free bag from ThredUp and will start filling it soon :)


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