Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Dresses

Tonight our church is having a couple's dinner. A lot of our friends are going and we are too.

That means we are dressing up today. During the last two months I have dressed up...ZERO times. I use to dress up for work all the time but when your job is ebay and you are sitting at home typing & photographing all day or possibly going to a thrift store, you just don't put in the effort. Well, atleast I don't. My regular uniform is now jeans or yoga pants and a hoodie.

I tried on basically all the dresses in my closet and my ebay inventory. I tried on a total of 20 dresses. And I wound up having basically two choices. Both of which came out of my closet. I will let the hubby decide later today.

Also on the schedule for today is dying my hair, shaving my legs and giving myself a manicure and facial. It has been 5 months since I have last dyed my hair and so I am going for something different. RED!

I will post photos tomorrow of the hair, dress and our night out.

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