Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales: Talbots Edition

As most of you know, I sell on ebay. Lately I have been doing very well with the brand "Talbots". As someone who loves clothing, I can tell you Talbots is very well made and their newer lines are beautiful.

Here are some pieces have have sold within the last two weeks:

Talbots Multi-Colored Sweater, Paid $1, Sold for $20. This isn't a huge profit but it was the end of the season when I listed it.

Talbots Black Cropped Pants, Paid about 50-60 cents (at a bag sale), Sold for $17.

Talbots Pink Tweed Career Dress, Paid $4.99, Sold for $30.

Talbots Faux Wrap Dress, Paid $2.50, Sold for $20.

Talbots Jacket with Self Tie Belt, Paid $3.50, Sold for $37.

Talbots Cashmere Sweater, Paid $1, Sold for $20.

Talbots A-Line Skirt, Paid $1, Sold for $17.

Here are some things that are not Talbots but sold within the last two weeks.

Max Studio Ruffle Dress. I loved this dress and almost kept it for myself. Paid $4.99, sold for $39.99.

QVC brands like Quacker Factory, Denim & Co, Susan Graver and Koos Of Course have a bit of a following on ebay if they are different and themed. The crazier the better!
This Koos Of Course jacket & tank did fairly well. Paid $6.99, sold for $35.

I am going shopping again this morning before work and I'll let you know what I find. Yesterday I went to two thrifts about 45 minutes away and came home with a pile of stuff. My favorite from the haul yesterday is this vintage Sears Hawaiian capelet top from the 1970's.

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  1. Love reading about all of your deals!
    Great work!
    I emailed you- has your email changed?
    Miss you.


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