Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

I am continuing to do well with the brand "Talbots" so I will start with a few of those sales.

Sold for $30 was this Talbots dress in a size 10P.

This Talbots dress sold for $29 and was a size 14W.

The label was cut from this top but I recognized the top. It was an Anthropologie brand called "Odille". It sold for $31 with 7 bids.

Eileen Fisher almost always does well for me. This jacket was a size XL and sold for $47.

This dress was such a pretty shade of aqua that it stood out on the store racks. J. Crew marks their items with the style. If you google the style number you can usually find the original name of the dress. I also include the style number in the title so people seeking that exact dress can find it. Sold for $29.

I hated to see this happy sweater sell but I was willing to let it go for $100. Isn't it awesome!?! Themed sweaters do well for me. About 1-2 months before Christmas I start to sell "ugly Christmas sweaters" but the crazier the better. This one was by Michael Simon.

I have a love/hate relationship with the brand "St. John". This isn't to be confused with "St. John's Bay" that sells at JC Penney. This is an upsale brand that has a following on ebay. Sometimes I do well with it, sometimes not. This jacket sold for $75 but it took a few months.

I cannot remember if I included this dress in the last blog about ebay sales but here it is again. It is a Cache dress with a carwash hemline. Sold for $80.

Ivan Grundahl is a brand not a lot of people recognize. I sold a sweater months ago for $50 and the brand stuck in my head. I ran across another piece a few weeks ago. There items are usually boxy and done in natural fibers. This jacket/top sold for $35.


On a different note, the hubby & I will be cleaning our basement today. Our basement runs the entire length of the house and we are down there every day. We went from having an apartment and home for the last four years to just having a home. We have accumulated almost double of everything. Thankfully we sold a loveseat and two dressers last week. I have to start posting some of the items on Craigslist to see if they sell. If not, I am in a donating mood! Goodwill will get a lot of big ticket items. I want a clean & organized basement again. :)

This past week I had an appointment with a doctor for my left knee. Back in November while my mom & sister were down we did a lot of walking. On one of the walks I heard a noise in my knee and then it hurt. A lot. It has been off and on for the last two months and I finally made myself go. The doctor thinks I tore my meniscus and wants me to go for an MRI. Which is nearly $1400 and since our insurance deductible is quite high, I will probably have to pay for it. I am wondering if I can just keep taking Advil. $1400 will buy a lot of Advil. Okay...I probably won't do this but seriously it is a lot of money to spend for something that will tell me that I tore something. I wish the photo of my knee came with a couch. We could really use a cool couch.

I hope everyone has an awesome end of the week!

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