Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ebay Sales

Ebay is currently running a special listing sale. If you own a ebay store (the basic store is $15.95 a month), you get to list any item on auction for free. There is no limit to how many you put on and they will all be free.

This started last Wednesday and will continue to this coming Tuesday.

For the last four days I have been putting a TON of items on auction. I put my store in vacation mode and listed all the items that were previously in the store at auction. I listed them for one day. Normally I don't do "one day auctions" because a lot of people miss seeing them. I believe 5 or 7 days are best. But I wanted to try something different. I listed about 350 items at a price I would be happy selling them for and then watched my sales.

Day 1: I sold 27 items for a sales total of $473. The items that were not sold on the one-day auctions were relisted for another day.
Day 2: I sold 24 items for a sales total of $441. I again put the unsold items back on a one-day listing.
Day 3 (yesterday): I sold 21 items for a total of $471. I listed the rest of the unsold stuff last night.

I have been printing shipping labels around the clock - ha! 70+ packages is a lot of work!

Here are a few things that did fairly well:

Etro cashmere cardigan, sold for $68.33.

St. John Collection skirt. St. John has a great following on ebay for their "Santana" knit fabric if you can find them at thrifts. This basic skirt sold for $64.99.

I was in love with this dress. It was from the late 1960's or early 1970's and it had lantern sleeves and a train. (Swoon!). It sold for $55.

A cache prom or cocktail dress. This one went for $50.

I came across a ton of Berek pieces a few weeks back. A few have done between $25-$30 which is usual for Berek. This piece sold for $45.

I don't pick up a lot of shoes because they are expensive to ship and I don't do well with them. I did pick this pair of Dansko's up though. These have a following and are SUPER comfy. I would have kept these for myself if they were a bit bigger. They sold for almost $30 and they were used.

Today we are off to church, then the supermarket and then back home to nap. I am trying to eat healthier which is quite expensive in our area.

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