Sunday, February 12, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

This week is going to be busy. My father-in-law is being assessed for meals on wheels and a few Veteran's programs tomorrow. On Wednesday I am at the dentist which means my whole day will be shot. The dentist thankfully gives me calming pills which knocks me out. And I have a friend coming over sometime too. Yup, a real life friend. I met her at church and we had a connection immediately.

Here are a few recent sales I had:

TSE cashmere sweater, sold for $40. TSE is a famous cashmere brand that sells in higher end department stores.

Iceberg jeans don't do well usually. They did have a line with cartoon characters that were sold awhile back and they do okay on ebay. These sold for $27 due to a flaw - the button on the fly was missing.

Swimsuits are starting to sell in stores and on ebay. This Lands' End two piece suit went for $25.

I picked this up last year and I didn't realize it was an Anthropologie brand. It has hung in my personal closet since then. Anything I don't wear within 6 months gets sold or re-donated. The brand is "We Love Vera" and it sold within 24 hours for $37. Clearly I should have priced it higher!

A panda cardigan with bamboo buttons up the front. I am SO going to wear these types of "ugly" sweaters when I get older. It sold for $35.

Belldini two-piece top set in a larger size (XL), sold for $32. You can find Belldini at TJ Maxx on clearance occasionally.

This last sale is due to my husband finding these for $4 at a local store and picking them up for me to sell. They sold within two days for $19. I probably could have gotten more if I had waited until next year but I didn't want to have them at the house that long.

I am going shopping again on Tuesday and I will post my findings then.

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