Saturday, November 19, 2011

When do you mail your Christmas cards?

This morning I was up at 4am. My mom & sister are coming from New York tomorrow and I am pretty excited. Too excited to sleep!

After laying there for a while, I decided to finish up our Christmas cards. They were purchased last year on sale and have been sitting around waiting for me all year. This year we will send over 150 cards. I am looking forward to the day where everyone sends a Christmas email - MUCH easier!

Every year we send them the day before Thanksgiving so they get to mailboxes the day after Thanksgiving. This year they will be a few days late since my hubby didn't print the inserts yet.

When do you mail your Christmas cards? Do you even send them anymore?


  1. Holy dooly!! 150?? Wow, that's more people than I actually know lol
    I still do cards, although I'm receiving less and less each year lol
    I send in December sometime around the 2nd week I guess.

  2. We have worked at a lot of different places over the last few years and still stay in touch with a lot of the residents. I wish it weren't so many but we try to send to people who have sent cards to us :)

  3. Sometimes I send them out the day before thanksgiving, but this year it crept up on me. I have our picture but have yet to order the cards. Too many decisions. I often think of not sending because of the cost, but I love getting cards and I think other people do too.


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