Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recent ebay sales

I have a lot of jewelry. Some was my mother-in-laws, others were purchased by my hubby for different occasions. I don't wear rings and so I decided to sell some on ebay.

I was surprised that they did really well. Here are the recent sales.

My original engagement ring:
Sold for around $225.

My mother-in-law's wedding band from the 1950's.
Sold for $225.

White gold & created pink sapphire ring.
Sold for $42.

White gold & created Alexandrite ring.
Sold for $39.

White gold & tanzanite ring.
Sold for $37.

White gold & created sapphire ring.
Sold for $28.

And the matching pendant.
Sold for $31.

Obviously they sold for less than retail but I literally had these sitting around and I didn't wear them. So I was thrilled for the extra money. Especially around the holidays!

My husband and I are off until next Friday. We brought home the carpet cleaner from work and we are cleaning our carpets that were put in last year. Thankfully they are not that dirty. We are also going to do my father-in-law's carpets.


  1. Last year I sold a few items on ebay that I no longer needed and made over five hundred dollars and really need to do it again. Its always amazing how much money a person can make on ebay. I am your newest GFC follower from the hop and would love if you dropped by my blog at Be sure and check out my Amish giveaway. Have a fantastic weekend, its nice meeting you.

  2. A shame you sold it all - especially the beautiful engagement ring, but the money is certain to come in handy!

  3. Thanks for the comments. I have a new wedding ring so I didn't wear the engagement ring anymore. It truly just sat in a drawer. I am a big believer of either using something or getting rid of it - selling it or donating it. I try to do this in every aspect in my life.

  4. Great sales! Those were very pretty rings.

    New follower here via the blog

  5. I've always wanted to sell things on ebay but I was afraid of getting ripped off. After reading about your sales. I'll try it now.


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