Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

Today I put up a Christmas tree. It was 70 degrees out and I have a Christmas tree. It is making me chuckle. Anyway...

The tree is my father-in-law's but we are keeping it at our home until after Thanksgiving. My mom and sister are coming for Thanksgiving and we are exchanging gifts with them then. I wanted to make it festive.

I love the vintage-ness of the silver tree. It has fiber optic lights throughout it. Our home is decorated in blues and sands and I wanted to carry the theme to the decorations.

I used Martha Stewart glitter to turn the ordinary & old white Christmas balls into sparkly ornaments. I picked up the glitter at TJ Maxx yesterday for $1.99. It is amazing what you can buy there!

Here is how I did it:

Start out with ordinary ornaments:

I used left over glitter paint but you can use any kind of acrylic paint or even glue:

Paint the ornament with the glue or paint:

Roll the ornament in the glitter:

End result - pretty ornaments:

Here is the tree:

Sparkly ornaments!

Every year we pick a color theme to wrap our gifts. This year it was brown and gold. We picked the color combination before we realized we would have Thanksgiving at our home. Brown and gold totally doesn't match the colors of the tree but it wasn't as bad as I thought.

And a glass bowl that is usually filled with seashells is filled with ornaments. The glass bowl is turquoise but it looks green in this photo.

Here is a wreath that my mom made and gave to me last year:

I was so thrilled with the ornaments that the Holy family got a bit of a make-over:

I love sparkly Jesus!


  1. Hahaha I love how you gave the Holy family a makeover lol
    I also love the idea of putting baubles and decorations in a bowl, what a great centrepiece!
    And of course, it goes without saying, you have done a great job with the tree, the decor and the matching paper!
    Now I am WAY behind in everything Christmas which is so not like me! But I understand you're doing this for Thanksgiving :)
    I would love to send you a Christmas card from Australia :)

  2. Thanks Kerry! I would love to exchange cards with you - my email is: fbc (at) inbox (dot) com. You can email me your address & I will do the same. An international Christmas card - what fun!!!

  3. These are beautiful! And super easy. Wow! I just bought sparkly ornaments last night at the store - wish I would have seen your post first :)


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