Saturday, November 12, 2011

Finding the perfect couch

My hubby & I added a large master bedroom last year. We have it decorated in grays, silver, blues and white. We needed a couch to put in front of our TV but didn't want to spend a lot of money since we put a lot into the addition.

We wound up with a $40 couch from someone at the retirement community. It isn't great but it is working. It is a blue sofa with a pull-out bed (not sure we'd ever need that) with a low back. The low back has been a problem since the hubby is 6'6" and has no where to rest his head.

We have been looking on & off for couches and still haven't come up with any we love.

Our ideal couch would be white or gray with modern lines. It would have two recliners on the end and be long enough for one of us to lay down. I would probably prefer fabric but it could be leather. would need to fit through our tiny door frame or come apart some way.

We have been to numerous homes that had an ad on Craigslist. We have been to a bunch of furniture stores. But we are still sitting on the old blue couch.

Here are a few I love but are either too expensive or don't fit in with the theme of our home.

A velvet Chesterfield patchwork couch - my dream!

Another patchwork, this time in black & white.

This is super close but it is expensive and it doesn't recline.

A Scandinavian beauty.

Love this one too - a pixel sofa.

And last, a bright pop of color!

Somewhere a couch is out there calling our name. If only we knew where else to look!

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