Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Craft Idea: A Thankful Tree

For the last few years, my family has created what we call a "Thankful Tree" for Thanksgiving. It is simply a few branches put in a vase or jar and put on a mantle or table.

On every place setting we put a leaf. The leaves are created by tracing a cookie cutter on scrapbooking paper. We date the leaves and everyone writes what they are thankful for. We read the leaves over dessert.

It is a fun and easy tradition. Whomever hosts Thanksgiving gets the branches and my mom, sister and I put together the leaves.

This year it will only be five of us for Thanksgiving at my house here in Pennsylvania. My theme for the day is teal, royal blue & white.

Here is what the tree looked like a few years back with the leaves on it:

Here is what this year's tree will look like:

And an up-close look:

It is fun to look over past years and see what everyone is thankful for and how the children now have better handwriting. Ha!


  1. LOL. Love the new colors! Beautiful! Sad we won't be together.

  2. cute idea!!!! we could do one with paw prints.

  3. Rach: I will miss you too!

    Rumpy: I love the idea of paw prints! That would be adorable :)


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