Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, Nov. 3

Today is Thursday, November 3. It is the third day of my period (yuck!) and the last full day of work. We get off tomorrow and we go home for a week. Yeah!

I found this on my cousin's blog and thought it was a fun thing to fill out.


Outside my window... Cold! Can we have summer back now?!?

I am thinking... Of all the things I have to do when I get home: returning items to Target, finishing up Christmas gifts, decorating for the holidays, making cupcakes.

I am thankful... for all 137 of the residents that live here at the retirement community. I love them all.

In the kitchen... are two chefs preparing lunch. I am also thankful for them!

I am wearing... a teal shirt and a pair of Michael Kors black dress pants. Both were purchased at Goodwill and my complete outfit with shoes was less than $15.

I am creating... a scarf. I have been creating it since last year and I am hoping to finish it this year!

I am going... to sleep well tonight knowing that we have off tomorrow.

I am wondering... why I am so blessed.

I am reading... a catalog that a resident gave me. It has all these neat items I have never even considered needing. It is like a bunch of infomercials!

I am hoping... that no one goes to the hospital today.

I am looking forward to... possibly going to Hawaii this winter!

I am hearing... Silence. I took a quick break and am up in my apartment.

One of my favorite things... Organization. I plan on hanging little hooks in my closet this next week to hold hand bags.

A photo of me that I took today:

The residents love when I braid my hair. They call it the old fashion term: a plait.

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