Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Gift

My mom & sister came for Thanksgiving this past week and left Friday. They live in New York, I live in PA. The states are only a few hours away but we don't see each other too often for some reason (we really need to fix this!).

We exchanged Christmas gifts while they were staying at my house. I got a ton of loot! This year we put a cap on our spending which was hard for me. Honestly I went a bit over, even with using the internet and the great deals that ebay had to offer.

I can go on & on about the items I received but one of my very favorites was a Vera Bradley purse from my mom.

The only purse I own (though I do own 8 of them!) is the Vera Bradley "on the go". It has a ton of organization & space which is great for me. I am ALWAYS losing my eye glasses and they fit in one of the outside pockets perfectly. I have purchased each pre-owned from ebay.

My mom got me a brand new one from a boutique. My first new Vera bag. Thanks Mom! Here is what it looks like in the print she bought me.

Isn't it "fab"???

I am happy to say that ALL my Christmas cards are in the mail and I am done shopping for Christmas. It is kind of sad though since I love to shop for other people. Ha!


  1. Wow you are super organised!! The bag sure is pretty :)

  2. I love this purse too. My purse now consists of a baby bag, which is so not stylish. Practical yes. This bag would be cute to tote around baby paraphernalia in and be stylish. Glad you got to spend time with you family for the Holidays. I too live in NY and know what its like to travel to family. If found you over at the Chatty Mommy.

  3. I love your new bag- beautiful!
    I love the pattern.


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