Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Photos

Today my mom, sister, husband, father-in-law and I celebrated our Thanksgiving. I realize it is a day early but the hubby & I have to be back at work tomorrow and we wanted to make our last day at home as stress-free as possible.

We had WAY too much food (of course) and had a great time. It ended with my mom, sister & I trying to line dance in my kitchen.

We had a 12lb turkey, a 10lb ham, homemade mashed potatoes, cooked yams, stuffing (also called dressing in some parts of the country), 16 rolls, 12 corn bread muffins, corn, salad and sugar cookies for dessert.

Here is the stuffing my mom made with green apples, sausage, onion, celery and dried cranberries. I tasted it and it was YUM!

The turkey & ham BOTH fit in our stove. Thank goodness!

Here is the finished turkey:

And the stuffing again with the yams, both uncooked in this photo:

Our table was two tables put together since our usual table only sits 4:

Our "thankful leaves" next to the plate settings. We wrote what we were thankful for on them and hung them on our "thankful tree". We do this every year. It is a great tradition!

The next few are my mom & sister making (and tasting!) the food:

My husband & his 85-year old father:

My gorgeous sister and me:

I hope everyone has an absolutely WONDERFUL Thanksgiving tomorrow!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Love your photos! You are gorgeous too my dear!

  2. You and your sister look alot alike!! It looks as though it was a wonderful Thanksgiving for you all. Yummo!!

  3. Awww lovely photos. It's so nice when all the family gets together isn't it? We don't have thanksgiving in England, but over Christmas I always sit down with the whole family and I look forward to it every year. I guess I'm blessed I have a family who all get along with eachother as well.
    Visiting from the hop.


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