Monday, December 30, 2013

What's Happening Today

I went thrifting today. BAD idea. I made it to just one thrift. Ha. The verse Philippians 2:14 comes to mind (thanks for making us memorize it Mom!). 

So let's just say that my knee is not great. On the positive side, I did get an appointment at the pain clinic for the 3rd week of January. This is thanks to my awesome knee doctor who personally called on my behalf. If it wasn't for him it would be three months before I got in. 

Ebay is slow for me since I am not listing too often. I am spending most of my days catching up on YouTube episodes of Shark Tank and Dragons Den (Canada's version of Shark Tank).

We are looking forward to flying to Anna Maria, Florida in one week. We are flying Allegiant airlines and we are only allowed one personal item. Yup. No carry-ons. No suitcases. Just a tiny little bag. It will be fun to see what fits in my purse. We have never been to Florida in the winter and we are excited to get out of the snow & cold. 

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