Monday, December 16, 2013

Top 18 Ebay Sales - 12/16/13

This morning I am driving to a small little thrift about 20 minutes away. They sent me an email last night with news that they have their annual "fill-a-bag" sale. You get to fill a brown paper bag for $5. I can fit a LOT in a paper bag. Last year I bought four bags and counted about 30 pieces. 

I have been using my new washer & dryer for the last few days and I love it. It is so fancy. I feel like I should dress up when doing laundry. 

Here are some of my recent sales: 

1. Vintage Spencer Alexis dress with a few stains, sold for $33. 

2. New Vineyard Vines mint green sweater, sold for $30 with 14 bids. 

3. New Nine West gray skirt suit, sold for $31. 

4. Eileen Fisher merino wool jacket with pills, sold for $43 with 12 bids. We have a saying on ebay: "Don't fear the flaw". This sweater was pilly even after I shaved it. I could have easily just re-donated it. But I thought I would give it a chance. I always disclose the flaws. Some sell, some don't. But it is worth the try.

5. Talbots blue cashmere sweater, sold for $26. I purchased a lot of 15 cashmere sweaters on ebay for $75 with free shipping. I sold the 8 most flawed in a lot for $50. The next three brought $75 and I have 4 of the nicest left.

6. I Love Lucy throws. This one sold for $32 ending with 20 bids. The second brought $20. I purchased these each for $2.99 at Goodwill. 

7. George (this is a WAL-MART brand!) leather gold jacket, sold for $35. This was purchased by an international buyer. 

8. Isaac Mizrahi Live! (sold on QVC) floral trench, sold for $35. 

9. Vintage J. Harlan black dress, sold for $31. This was part of the lot I purchased in September. I have made back 4X my investment and still have over half of the items on ebay. 

10. LOGO by Lori Goldstein top, sold for $35. This brand is sold on QVC and is made of the most dreamy material. 

11. Long suede skirt with fringe, sold for $50. 

12. Geiger long skirt, sold for $31. This one was listed three months ago. Some things sell right away but most sits for a few months. Remember, you are looking for ONE buyer out of millions.

13. Anthropologie Odille skirt, sold for $46. 

14. Berek heavy knit cardigan sweater with a fun horse design, sold for $46. 

15. J. Jill coral pants & long jacket set, sold for $73. 

16. Isaac Mizrahi Live! (yup, QVC) velvet dress, sold for $33. I would have kept this if it was my size. In fact, I tried to find one in my size but couldn't. Isn't it pretty? 

17. Rudi Gernreich vintage knit top with flaws, sold for $53. 

18. Vintage Tadashi dress, sold for $33. I love dresses from the 1980's! 


  1. Awesome sales! I hope you find some great things at the thrift~sounds like fun.
    Praying for your knee!

  2. I like your saying too. Don't fear the flaw. I just googled it so I could read the thread. I feel really negative about an item when I realize it has a flaw I didn't notice. Especially when it's something really nice...I'm going to think about looking at that differently.

  3. Thanks for the comment Nancy! Over the last 8 or so years of my selling, I have probably picked up hundreds of flawed items. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. I almost always get atleast what I paid for them and most times more. Just make sure you disclose the flaw as best as you can and show a photo. Good luck!

  4. Holly - Thanks! It was fun. I'm exhausted but I came home with several bags. Some of it is in the wash now :)


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