Saturday, December 7, 2013

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 12/7/2013

Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed. My knee has been...not good. Last night I baked 10 dozen cookies for Sunday and this morning I decorated them. 

Here is a small sampling of the cut-out sugar cookies: 

Tomorrow our church has their annual Christmas cookie swap. Everyone brings a few dozen cookies to church. After the sermon, the youth group sets up tables and displays the cookies. Then you can donate a few dollars and box up a variety to take home.

Here are a few things that sold this week.

1. Vintage white fur muff, sold for $41. This was a gift from my parents many years ago. I loved it, used it and then didn't. I was surprised it went for that much! 

2. LOGO by Lori Goldstein (a QVC brand) bright pink cocoon top, sold for $29.

3. Vintage popcorn machine. These are great for roasting coffee. I picked it up for $1.99 at the thrift and it sold for $33. 

4. Lena Rewell (a brand from Finland) mohair cape, sold for $65 to a buyer in Japan. 

5. Lauren Ralph Lauren dress, sold for $37. 

6. Anthropologie "Elevenses" brand velvet skirt, sold for $45. 

7. Flax's "Splaying Skirt", sold for $29. I always try to look up the line names of the Flax pieces. Here is a great website to look up your pieces. 

8. Soft Surroundings denim skirt, sold for $35. 

9. Lauren Ralph Lauren striped jacket, sold for $83. 

10. This Chico's hoodie sold for $51 with 8 bids. Crazy!


  1. Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope it feels better soon!

    Thanks for the website about Flax. I just got a Flax piece yesterday because of reading about it on your blog. Thanks for the heads up on the brand too!

    The cookie swap sounds fun-love the trees!


  2. Glad to pass along the Flax knowledge :) Good luck with yours!

    Thanks for the comment too. It is fun to know someone is 'out there' reading. :)


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