Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Photos

I'm off to Target to get cards & wrapping paper for next year super early on the 26th. So I thought I would post this tonight - on Christmas. I hope everyone had a great day. 

My father-in-law made it home in time for Christmas! My hubby picked him up Christmas Eve (around 3:30pm) and we left for church around 4:15pm. It was a close one but we made it to church and had a great Christmas Eve service.

Christmas morning we spent with my father-in-law. And then we came home and I made a few dozen cookies. This brings the total to approximate 4.2 million. Ha. 

Then off to my first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. I have sold dozens of sweaters on ebay over the years but this was my first party. 

Almost all of the 30 or so guests wore an ugly sweater. I couldn't believe it. (Short story: We were once invited to a themed Scottish wedding. It was printed right in the invitation that the guests should wear Scottish garb. We were the only guests to wear something resembling anything close to Scottish garb.) 

Some were super creative. The winner included a "Christmas" fish stitched to a sweater. The fish's mouth held lotto tickets and everyone was given one. We won a free ticket on ours.

Yes, my husband is wearing red sweats. Yes, this was his idea. Isn't he the best?
The host & hostess got a new dog and it was fun to hold him. 

A few photos taken before the party. I found the sweater AND skirt at Goodwill a few years ago. The little feather thing in my hair was found at Michael's for about a quarter! I originally planned to wear an elaborate floral wreath in my hair but it turns out that I am awful at making floral head wreaths. Ha. 

Notice the awkward shoes? Yup, I still cannot wear heels.

An ebay post is coming soon. As soon as I sell a few more things ;)


  1. Great Pictures! The cookies are adorable. Looks like a fun Party. So glad your FIL made it home before Christmas.


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