Thursday, December 5, 2013

My week in photos (and words)...

This week has been a bit slower for me. I'm trying not to overdo it since my knee is still having pain. The good news is I am seeing a new knee surgeon NEXT WEEK. I'm counting down the days like it is Christmas.

Is anyone else super, duper excited about The Sound of Music tonight? I have been braiding my hair all week.

Last June we ordered some trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. And then kind of forgot about them. They arrived on Saturday. We are now the proud owners of 10 Dogwood...sticks. The hubby was good enough to plant them. We do not believe they will grow but it is fun to look at our baby sticks.

My family exchanges gifts at Thanksgiving and we call it Thanksmas. One of our gifts this year was house numbers. We asked for the them since this isn't something we would normally splurge on. Aren't they fancy?

And guess what we did splurge on...A new dryer & washer set! We were sitting in the ER (long story but I have/had pluerosy) on Thanksgiving and had some time. I told the hubby to distract me and he mentioned that Home Depot was having an amazing deal on washer & dryers.

We knew our dryer was having some troubles - some loud clanking sounds. And ours was purchased in 1991 making it 22 years old. The life cycle for the stackable kind is 12-15 years.

We purchased Home Depot gift cards at our local grocery store which gives us 60 gallons of free gas. And we ordered the online.

Yesterday we got the pedestals. Aren't they pretty? Haha. Our new washer and dryer won't show up for a week though.

On the ebay front...Even with going slower than usual (stupid knee!) I managed to hit 600 items in my ebay store.

While listing on ebay, I watch Netflix. Netflix recently added another season of What Not To Wear which is one of my favorite shows. I could totally be this girl. I "get" her love of color and fun. One lady mentioned that she likes to choose clothing that allows her to roll in the grass. I love that girl as well.


And lastly...some fun cupcakes! These were another Thankmas gift. Last night I made 24 cupcakes & today I'm working on 6 dozen cookies.

I was asked to make snacks for a youth group thing. Our youth group goes "downtown" and invites the neighbor kids to play with them at a rec center. In addition to ping pong, games and crafts, our church serves a dinner. I have volunteered before and loved it. There were kids everywhere - about 50 neighborhood kids. There isn't a message or Bible study. It is just our kids playing with theirs.


  1. I have front loading washer and dryer w/ pedestals~love them. The cupcakes look awesome!!

  2. Thanks Holly :) We weren't sure about the pedestals since they were an extra $400 (!!!) but I'm glad we bought them.

  3. Great job on those cupcakes! What icing did you use? So sorry you were sick! Praying for you. Love the new washing machine and dryer pedestals. On my tax refund wish list. :)
    And love your hair!


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