Monday, December 9, 2013

Surprise items to sell on ebay...

It started when I found a used Ralph Lauren blazer with a giant hole on the sleeve. I noticed the buttons were pretty and knew they would sell. I took it up to the counter and they gave it to me for free. Since then, I have done pretty well with Ralph Lauren button lots.  

Here are a few of my recent sales:

1. Lot of 10 (2 big & 8 small) Ralph Lauren horsehead buttons, sold for $33. 

2. Lot of 6 gold-tone metal Ralph Lauren crest buttons, sold for $20. 

3. Lot of 9 (2 big & 7 small - two of which had issues) Ralph Lauren horsehead buttons, sold for $27.

And another surprise! I had a Ralph Lauren sweater jacket in an odd size (petite medium). I listed it for $34. It didn't sell. I tried again. It still didn't sell. Here is what it looked like before I chopped it up.

So I cut off the buttons & crest. The buttons were the gold-tone ones above. The crest sold for $34 this morning. So the buttons & crest sold for $54 and were SO much easier to list & package!

So if you see a worn-out blazer or sweater at the thrift, check to see if the item has buttons to sell! You never know :) 


  1. Thanks for a great tip! Wow~$54.00 for buttons & crest~ I'll take that any day of the week!!

  2. That's amazing! Thanks for the tip. Are these vintage buttons or new or either that we should look for?

  3. They all came from the green label (Lauren Ralph Lauren). I think they were fairly recent pieces. Vintage RL pieces go for a lot of money if you can find the right piece. I would suggest doing a search of "Vintage Ralph Lauren" and looking under the sold items. Sort by "highest first" and you can see some go for hundreds or more! :)

  4. Thanks for the tip! Wow! Buttons! I've never sold any for that much! ~~Pam

  5. Thank you for the comment Pamela :)

  6. Hi Mellissa - We were snowed in last week and I read your whole blog! Thanks for sharing all your tips. I was thrifting today and there it was - a green label Ralph Lauren Blazer (size 20W)!!! I'm going to really inspect it and later if there is a flaw, I will surely snip off the buttons and the beautiful crest.

  7. Wow. The entire blog? I'm honored. Thank you Ree Cee. Nice find. I hope it brings you lots :)


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