Friday, December 27, 2013

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 12/27/12

Before I get into the ebay stuff, here is a quick knee update. I went to the knee doctor today. He referred me to a pain clinic. The pain clinic is booked solid for THREE months. 

But my doctor was good enough to call personally and hopefully I can get in much sooner. The pain clinic is going to call me Monday to schedule a date. I am very thankful that the doctor caught the problem before it is irreversible. He believes (as do I) that I have RSD. The pain clinic will confirm it. 

And now onto ebay stuff! Here are my top ten sales for the last two weeks. Things have been a bit slow but they are picking back up a bit. 

1. Beretta tweed jacket, sold for $50. 

2. Vintage Emma Domb dress, sold for $79. It still had the original 1960's tags attached. 

3. Men's Stratojac jacket, sold for $26. I stuffed this into a bag at the bag sale last week. I bought two bags for a total of $10 and got a bunch of stuff! 

4. R&M Richards ruffled dress, sold for $25. 

5. Joseph Ribkoff jacket, sold for $25. 

6. Ann Taylor animal print sheath dress, sold for $40. 

7. Anthropologie Lithe skirt, sold for $50. I purchased this for myself at Goodwill about 4 years ago. I wore it and then stained it. Oops! I tried to clean it and made it worse. I listed it and just disclosed the marks. It sold for $50 even with the flaws. 

Here I am wearing this skirt this past summer.

8. Stenay plus sized sequin top, sold for $28.

9. Dress Barn plus sized skirt & jacket set. Another bag sale find. The bidding is at $30 right now. 

10. L. L. Bean men's shirt, sold for $40. I priced this one high since it has a U.S. Marine Corps Tartan plaid print. I found this at my bag sale last week and so I paid about 50 cents for it. 

And here is why I love ebay. I purchased this years ago at TJ Maxx for my home. I had it on display in my bedroom. I think I paid about $8 for it on clearance. It just sold for $11.50. 

And another sale from something laying around the house. A Sunbeam blanket heater controller. Our blanket was all pilly and we chucked it. The controller was still good and I sold it for $11. By the way - we got a new blanket from ebay for about $40. They retailed for over $100 in the store.


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