Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Day of Las Vegas & First Day of Panama City

My husband & I try to vacation for most of the summer if we can. We went to Las Vegas for 12 days and we are now in Panama City, Florida for 4 weeks. 

Our last day in Vegas was spent at the town house's community pool. The pool was less than a 2-minute walk from the town house and we had the entire place to ourselves almost every time we went.

We would jump in the deep end of the regular pool and then sit in the kiddie pool for the rest of the time.

"Our" kiddie pool. It was 1.5 feet deep - just deep enough to sit and talk for hours.

"Our" tree where we put our stuff each day.

Good-bye canyons!

We got home early on June 28th and we were leaving for Florida on July 2.

We had FOUR days to unpack, repack, clean the entire house, teach children's church, bake a few dozen cookies and catch up on errands. I don't mind telling you (and my husband would back me up) that I was a bit stressed. There were lots of 'to do' lists. 

We swapped homes with a couple in Panama City, FL and they were staying in our house while we were in theirs for the month. So that meant (to me at least) every. single. cabinet & drawer needed to be emptied and cleaned. 

Yesterday we landed at the small airport in Panama City after a brief lay-over in Chicago and then St. Louis. Yup, cause those two cities are on the way from PA to FL and that totally makes sense (it does not in case you missed my sarcasm).

We got to the house (it is lovely!) and settled in. And guess who forgot to pack a few things? Me! Ha. We have NO long pants (no sweats, no jeans, no pants whatsoever), no slippers and I'm sure I missed a few other things. But, I did pack 4 deodorants. Haha. 

For the next few days, it is supposed to rain. And rain hard it is! We have lightning, thunder and severe rain showers. 

I'm okay with that. We have almost a month here. I'm enjoying our first morning knowing we don't have to rush to the beach. We can watch fun movies and just enjoy being "off".

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  1. Have an awesome time!
    Cracking up about the packing! I do stuff like that all the time!
    Miss you.


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