Monday, July 22, 2013

The vacation of rest & catching up on TV has been rather rainy here in Florida. We have been here for 3 weeks now and have one more week to go. We keep hoping that the weather will turn nice & sunny. 

Thankfully we have been able to swim a few times...including yesterday during a DOUBLE RED FLAG (are you scared yet?!?). A double red flag means no swimming. Supposedly the rip currents were bad. But we went up to our thighs and just sat down a bit. That doesn't count as swimming anyway, right? ;)

Just the other evening, a shark was spotted close to the shore on 'our' beach. I'm really bummed I wasn't there. We have seen a lot of marine life over the years but never a shark. 

I did find some wonderful things at the thrift this past week. A Marc Jacobs wool skirt with gorgeous fringe trim for $1, a Creative Memory kit for $5, two Coach purses for less than $1 each and a bunch of other things. Plus, one of the thrifts had a 'fill a bag for $10 sale' where I managed to cram in a ton of stuff plus about 20 books for me. That is a win right there since I love reading.

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