Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A passing thought...

I think the US needs to get over the whole "50 state" thing and add a few more...

1. Puerto Rico (PR)
2. District of Columbia (DC)
3. Guam (GU)
4. US Virgin Islands (VI)
5. Northern Mariana Islands (MP)
6. American Samoa (AS)
7. Palau (PW) (I have never been there but I dislike this place. I live in PA and every time I type "P" in a state drop down box, Palau comes up instead of Pennsylvania).
8. Marshall Islands (MH)

I'm sure we can come up with 2 more to even out the number.

60 US states has a great ring to it.

And on a crazy side note:

I learned that Kentucky, Massachusetts, Virginia and Pennsylvania and technically "Commonwealths".

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