Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rain, rain, rain

My husband & I are in FL for four weeks. We got here last Tuesday and that means we have been here for 5 days. 

And guess what it has done for five solid days? Rained! It is truly amazing to me that it has poured for five days. 

But honestly we don't mind it at all! We have been catching up on our movie and TV watching (a Brain Game marathon on the History Channel - yes, please!). We have slept late and napped and have just been relaxing here at the home exchanger's house. 

Yesterday we drove around (yes, in the rain) and looked for non-touristy spots on the beach. So that way we are ready when we get some sunshine. And last night we parked the car in the mall parking lot and had the best view of the fireworks. It has been a fun trip so far!

The weather channel website says our area has received more than 19" of rain over the last 3 days! And it is still pouring. I love extreme weather - so cool! 

See that little white section? That is where we are vacationing!

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