Monday, March 18, 2013

Recently Ebay Sales - 3/18

Guess who came home today? My father-in-law! He had knee surgery last Tuesday. My hubby is staying with him for awhile but we are thrilled to have him home.

I went shopping today...the first time in a long time since we have been spending so much time at the hospital. I went to three thrifts and found a total of about 40 items. We had a major snow storm so it took me awhile to make it home. But, I won't have to thrift for another couple of days. 

Here is what sold recently: 

1. Pine Cone Hill duvet cover. I found this at a Goodwill Outlet. The Outlets have the left-over stuff from regular Goodwills - the stuff that doesn't sell. I purchased it for about $2 if my memory is correct. It sold for $64. 

2. Joseph Ribkoff jersey dress, sold for $25. 

3. DKNY blue & white striped skirt, sold for $23. 

4. Some more of the Target swimsuits I found at Goodwill. This buyer purchased two from me - each for $16. 

5. Ralph Lauren linen blazer in a plus-size. Purchased for $1 in Ohio and sold for $33. 

6. Moda International (a Victoria's Secret catalog brand) animal print dress, sold for $21. 

7. Exclusively Misook black knit pants, sold for $38.

8. Ming Wang knit skirt, sold for $38. I found this brand through another seller that I admire and kind of stalk :) She was pricing this brand high. I have seen the brand but never picked it up. It always looks kind of boring. I will now add this brand to my list! 

9. Brooks Brothers coral print skirt, sold for $22.50. 

10. Talbots silk long floral skirt, sold for $25. 

11. Talbots silk dress & matching belt, sold for $21. 

12. Chico's printed jacket, sold for $28. 

13. Chico's orange dress, sold for $23.

14. The Limited printed wrap dress, sold for $22.50. Wrap dresses consistently do well for me. 

15. Boston Proper peacock printed top, sold for $27 within two days of listing. Notice my new fun banner back drop? I love it. 

16. Carole Little black skirt, sold for $23. 

17. Wen's SixThirteen  Conditioner, sold for $29. 

18. Ann Taylor floral dress (and matching jacket, not shown), sold for $24.50. 

19. Connected jersey dress, sold for $21. 

20. Christopher & Banks long skirt, sold for $17. C&B isn't something I normally pick up. I just started adding this brand to the list if I can get the item for $1 or less. I paid just 20 cents for this skirt!

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    check out this site that you advertised!
    Glad your F.I.L. is home!

  2. Glad your fil is home too.
    I have to tell you, I just came to this post about 3 times today! Your sales are so exciting! I love when you do these posts!

  3. I love that Ferris Wheel line. So pretty! I didn't even realize that is what I was advertising. My advertising boxes have good taste. Ha!

    Thanks Rach! I love finding great deals at the thrift. It keeps me going.

  4. I normally wait for a sale from Chicos before I make a purchase! I simply love their skirts, dresses and pants.


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