Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Ebay Woo-Hoo Sale & Recent Sales - 3/2

I woke up this morning and checked my email as I normally do. I was THRILLED to find that this dress sold. It was a John Galliano dress and I purchased it at my normal Goodwill.

It sold for $249.99.

2. Garnet Hill floral dress, sold for $45 within a day of listing. 

3. Ralph Lauren long pink skirt, sold for $50 within an hour of listing. 

4. My Goodwill gets overstock and clearance items from Target. I noticed they had an entire rack full of mix and match swimsuits for $1.99 a piece. I picked up 12 pieces and created 6 swimsuits. I listed each for $18.99 and two of them have sold so far. They sold within a day of listing. Each swimsuit that sells makes me a $13 profit. 

5. Spiegel black & white printed dress, sold for $20 within a few hours of listing. 

6. Morgan & Co. black & teal dress, sold for $29. 

7. Jones New York white eyelet skirt, sold for $22. 

8. Ann Taylor LOFT gold-tone skirt, sold for $32. 

9. Peruvian Connection baby alpaca long skirt, sold for $45. 

10. I am including an item that sold for less than $20 which is something I normally don't do on my blog. These Eddie Bauer shorts cost me just 20 cents at the thrift. It sold for $11. After ebay/paypal fees, I still made about $9. Most of my sales only make me a $10-$15 profit.

Each item takes time to find, gas to get to the thrift, energy to wash it, time to photograph it and of course time to list it with measurements. Each week I find and list around 100 items. About 60 sell a week. Even if I make a profit of $10 off of each, that nets me (before taxes) $600. 

Here is rural PA, there aren't too many jobs that would pay $600/week. Plus I have control over my schedule. I rarely wake up before 7:30am and I get to spend time with my husband every day. I get to walk in the spring, summer and autumn months through the local trails. I get to vacation about 8-10 weeks a year.

I don't want to make it sound easy - ebay takes a LOT of time and work. I have been doing this for the last 9 years or so. I have almost 10,000 positive feedback - all 100%. I spend most days either driving for 8+ hours to thrifts or 12+ hours on my computer.

But I love my life. I love the flexibility of ebay. God has truly blessed me. 

Here is a screen shot of the last 30 days. These are my sales on my store ID. I am slowing phasing out my second ebay ID.

And look at this...festive (ugly!) sweater. 

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  1. The sweater is hideous!!! I am sure it will go for a lot! lol
    Love your woo hoo!
    Great job on ebay!


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