Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 3/13/13

My father-in-law was in great spirits today. I love to watch him joke with the nurses. He gets such a chuckle when they don't know how to take him. 

He was walking around a bit twice today (his knee replacement surgery was YESTERDAY and he is already walking!) and may be coming home this weekend! The original plan was to have him in rehab for a month. The new plan is to discharge him home. Of course we would live with him for a few weeks. He is thrilled.

We have been at the hospital a lot over the last few days. In between our visits, I have been busy packaging the sold items. 

Here are some recent sales:

1. Chico's zebra print skirt, sold for $21. 

2. Carole Little plus-sized floral skirt, sold for $29. 

3. CAbi beige long skirt, sold for $30. 

4. Tommy Bahama silk tunic, sold for $20.

5. Morgan & Co. lace dress, sold for $35. 

6. Schumacher black & purple silk skirt, sold for $30. 

7. Adrianna Papell red ruffled dress, sold for $50.

8. CAbi reversible skirt, sold for $35.

9. Signature by Larry Levine skirt suit, sold for $20. 

10. Coldwater Creek olive green floral dress, sold for $24. 

11. Exclusively Misook black jacket, sold for $45. 

12. Ann Taylor LOFT halter dress, sold for $23. 

13. Boston Proper jacket, sold for $30. 

14. Athleta skirt, sold for $25. Athleta is an athletic company that is owned by the same company that owns Gap. 

15. Fuzzy turtleneck made from 100% mohair, sold for $36. 

16. Exclusively Misook tank top, sold for $23. I purchased this top and the jacket (#11) for $6.99. I also bought 3 other Misook pieces at the same thrift which I still have listed. I love when I find a higher end piece...and then another...and then another! It seems this person donated their entire Misook wardrobe.

17. Lululemon flip-waist white skort, sold for $35. 

18. Victoria's Secret bikini, sold for $23. 

19. Max and Cleo dress, sold for $25 - even with a small flaw. 

20. J. Crew white eyelet top, sold for $25. 

21. Talbots gray & white printed skirt, sold for $22. 

22. Chico's denim dress, sold for $22. 

23. Anthropologie's "Leifsottir" brand skirt, sold for $27. 

24. Chico's reversible jacket, sold for $23. 

25. Talbots black embroidered dress, sold for $20. 

26. BCBG printed dress, sold for $31. 

27. CAbi black jersey dress, sold for $30. 

28. St. John Collection skirt & jacket suit, sold for $95. Woo-Hoo!

29. The Limited dress & jacket suit, sold for $40. 

30. Vintage Lanz floral dress, sold for $35 within hours of listing. Modest dresses usually sell well on ebay. 

31. I picked up a gorgeous Ralph Lauren plus-sized blazer at a thrift for $1. I was thrilled...until I brought it home and realized it had moth holes. Ugh. I snipped the buttons & crest and sold them for $20. 

32. Elizabeth and James blue & white top, sold for $45. 

33. Carole Little rayon artsy skirt, sold for $37 within hours of listing. 

34. Chico's Travelers black skirt, sold for $25.

35. Sula paint & peel nail polish. I picked these up for 25 cents each at Big Lots. This is the reason why I love my cell phone. I did a quick search on ebay and realized I could make money on these. I picked up ALL of them (about 25 or so). This lot of 3 sold for $11.69. 

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  1. So glad your fil is doing so well. He is amazing. Tell him we are praying for him. I will add Carole Little to my list! You do pretty well at big lots- I have to check that place out.


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