Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random Photos & Thoughts

Our new Dyson! You know you are truly an adult when you get excited about a new vacuum. 

Sunlight streaming into our living room this morning. Finally! 

 Starting to pack for our vacation. We decided to pay the extra $25 for a checked bag so we could pack enough snacks for the week. We are headed to Grand Cayman and things are VERY pricey there. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches anyone?

Our neighbor has started to clean up his yard. The collapsed pool & liner from years ago was removed. I'm pretty excited about it and hope they keep up the momentum.

 The porch I painted last year. I guess exterior paint was not the right choice for the patio. We picked up two gallons of gray porch paint at Home Depot a few weeks ago. I will power wash the patio before re-painting. 

Packages! I have shipped about 100 items within the last few days. 

One of the pretty bruises I am now sporting from a fall down the stairs. No broken bones thankfully. 

I am trying to catch up to technology and failing miserably. I detest Windows 8. I have been using it for over a week and still cannot figure it out. All those boxes are driving me nuts. 

Melting snow! It has literally snowed every day for the last week. Thankfully the sun is out today and temperatures are supposed to hit 48 degrees. It is about time! The hubby & I plan to walk later today.

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  1. I Love the peek into your randomness! so glad the pool liner is gone...great vacuum! That IS exciting...
    lots of new fruit to try on vacation ;)


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