Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 2/12/13

Well, my shingles rash is finally healing and the pain has gone. It got really itchy for awhile but I think it will completely heal without any scars. 

This week my husband & I are doing a major house cleaning since we have company coming this weekend. I love to clean the house when I have time so I am looking forward to it. 

Most of my ebay sales are under $20 which still allows me a $15 profit per item. I usually just list the items that went for $20 or more here on my blog. Although I didn't have a 'woo-hoo' item (that is what ebayers call a huge, unexpected sale), I had a steady week. 

Here is what sold this past week: 

1. April Cornell purple dress, sold for $20. 

2.  Chico's blue jersey skirt, sold for $20. 

3. Talbots black & white zigzag long sweater, sold for $33. I wore this two church before I listed it and got a ton of compliments. 

4. Ann Taylor (factory) floral dress, sold for $26. 

5. Talbots black square neck dress, sold for $25 within hours of listing. 

6. Eileen Fisher black skirt, sold for $35 within hours of listing. 

7. Ralph Lauren navy blue polka dot silk dress, sold for $25 within hours of listing. 

8. Chico's linen jacket, sold for $26. 

9. Calvin Klein dress, sold for $38. 

10. Ann Taylor black pin stripe suit, sold for $29 within a day of listing. 

11. MM Couture by Miss Me coral dress, sold for $21. 

12. Ralph Lauren light blue denim dress, sold for $20. The buyer also purchased 8 other items from my ebay store. The total of her bill was $180! 

13. Talbots navy floral dress, sold for $23. 

14. Talbots orange linen skirt, sold for $23. 

15. Talbots purple & gray floral skirt, sold for $24. 

16. Talbots blue & white stripe seersucker jacket, sold for $26. 

17. Chico's slinky purple outfit, sold for $22. This would have brought more but it was their smallest size. 

18. Chico's white Chinese lantern print jacket, sold for $30. 

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