Monday, February 25, 2013

Help needed to find an eating plan...

Last May I found Isagenix and loved, loved, loved it. I lost 13 pounds and have kept them off. I am still weighing in around 140lbs which is about a size 6 for me.

However, I found out that milk is making my stomach sick. And so I have been just eating whatever we have in the house. It usually means eating granola bars 3x a day and grilled chicken strips 2x a day. I throw in some fruit and call it a day. It is boring.

I would love to try another eating program. I need something that travels well since I'm on a the road a lot (Isagenix had shakes which I would mix ahead of time). And something that doesn't have any form of milk in it.

I found that paying for a program helps me actually stick to it. Ha!

Any ideas?

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  1. Can you make Isagenix shakes with almond milk? I love love love the Silk Pure Almond (unsweetened...I can't tell the difference)!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I was just mixing them with water but the actual shake mix had milk in it :(

    I just need something where I don't have to think 'what in the world am I eating today?' I need to be told what to eat and check it off a sheet. Ha! I'm lazy like that.

  3. We did Jenny Craig; it is expensive, yet food is great and we learned alot. Probably the most critical thing I learned was "volumetrics" -- entree supplemented with non-starchy, all you can eat veggies. Entree filled one third of plate, a variety of veggies, roasted or steamed or raw, for example, filled the rest of plate and a salad bowl. In time, I did not need as much, but more importantly, i found i loved eating veggies! Hubby lost 42 pounds on JC and I lost 30. He is done; I have about 30 pounds to go. Anyway, eating habits and taste buds is a new way of appreciating food. Best of luck to you! (and nice blog!)


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