Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An exciting (and scary!) prayer

I have been reading an awesome book by Sheila Walsh. It is called When A Woman Trusts God. I found it at Goodwill for $1.99 a few weeks ago. I have to stop myself from reading it so I can reflect. 

Around the same time I was reading it last week, I thought to myself - 'How am I trusting God in my life?'. 

I have a wonderful, blessed and fairly easy life. I have very little stress in my life which means I don't necessarily have too many situations in which I feel the 'need' to pray. Sure, I talk to God everyday. But I don't get down on my hands & knees and call out to God often. 

And so I approached my husband and asked him to start praying a prayer with me. Our prayer is something like this: 

God, allow us to be completely open to whatever you have in store for our lives. 

As a Christian, I have always believed God wants what is best for me. But I have never specifically trusted Him to pick out the path for me. 

Here is a situation which happened recently: 

My husband found a job for me. I applied and got an interview almost immediately. I went to the interview. And then I prayed. 

Ha! That was clearly the wrong order in which to do things. (I did get the job and turned it down.)

And so, we are trusting God to use us this year. I'm super excited. My husband is a bit nervous but is also excited. Will God send us to Africa? Maybe. Will He continue to use us in our church? Probably. But we are completely open. 

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