Saturday, February 23, 2013

Great News & Recent Ebay Sales: 2/23

This past week we had two pieces of great news! 

The first came from one of our Compassion International children. His name is Jithu. 

Jithu, from India

 Jithu's father was a drunkard and has been drinking for most of his life. Jithu has asked us to pray and we have been praying for his father for years. This past week we got a letter from Jithu thanking us for our prayers. His father went to a Compassion recovery program and has admitted to having a problem. He has stopped drinking. We are thrilled with the news

The second news came from my breast cancer doctor. I had another ultrasound two weeks ago. It showed a number of masses and cysts. We got the news that they are ALL benign. How wonderful! And, I don't need to go back for a follow-up for a year. Praise God!

Here are a few things that sold this week: 

1. Lucky brand sweatshirt, sold for $35. 

2. Ann Taylor bridesmaid's dress, sold for $31. 

3. New Avon face cream, sold for $20 (purchased for $1.99 at the thrift). 

4. Dana Buchman silk green dress, sold for $22. 

5. Ann Taylor black linen dress, sold for $20. 

6. Ralph Lauren black dress, sold for $34. 

7. Eileen Fisher organza long skirt, sold for $50. 

8. Vintage Henri Bendel suit, sold for $40. 

9. J. Jill long linen dress, sold for $20. 

10. Vera Wang black bow dress, sold for $50. I would have kept this if it fit. I loved it that much!

11. M. Miller red jacket, sold for $99 to a buyer in Canada. 

12. Eddie Bauer corduroy long floral skirt, sold for $20. 

13. David Meister dress, sold for $35. 

14. New Balance Coast Guard shoes, sold for $64. My husband found these at a thrift for $4.99. 

15. Athleta dress, sold for $32. 

16. J. Jill white jeans, sold for $21. 

17. Lafayette 148 black seamed skirt, sold for $40. 

18. Anthropologie "Odille" skirt, sold for $29. 

19. Ann Taylor floral dress, sold for $35. 

20. Ralph Lauren dark denim skirt, sold for $22.

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  1. Rejoicing in your good news from the doctor!
    So excited for Jithu and his family- I will be praying for them.
    Tell the hubby- great job on the coast guard sneakers!
    I really like that vera dress too.
    Your sales look great.
    Do you do well with bridesmaids dresses?


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