Saturday, February 9, 2013

Avacodo Fail

For my New Year's resolution, I promised myself I would try a new vegetable or fruit every week for the entire year. 

This week was going to be avacodo. 'Was' being the key word. 

I purchased it on Sunday and kind of forgot about it put it off. Until today. I was not looking forward to trying it. I took it out of the fridge earlier today and it was making an odd noise when I squeezed it. And then it kind of oozed a bit. 

It then it kind of broke open. It seems I waited too long and it went bad. So now I have to buy another. Darn it. 

And for some reason I took photos of my freezer & fridge while I had the camera out. My husband & I eat the same foods almost every day.

Our freezer holds four things: beef, frozen chicken, frozen grilled chicken and coffee for guests. 

 And the fridge: 
Lots of soda!

The plastic containers hold my husband's food: cooked chicken, eggs & beef. I cook once a week for him.

My food: fruit!
 I literally eat homemade granola bars, fruit and grilled chicken every day. Once in a while I add wheat pasta & dairy free sauce. It makes it easy to know what to buy at the grocery store!


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